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Friday, April 22, 2011

Social Network Blast 4/22/11

I am on a Social Network team on Etsy, so every Friday we all post 1 item from someone elses shop to we can try to get our names out there. I decided to start doing it on my blog as well similar to my "Item of the Day" so that everyone gets seen just as much as I do. Here is this weeks fabulous items!

1) DaSweetZpot Personalized Favors for your Special Event

2) Handmade Jewelry by R.M.Smith

3) Rose Print Skirt

4) Poker Face- The Story Behind The Masks
(no pic available)
5) victorian style mini top hat

6) $3 Colorful Ear Cuffs 10 colors to choose from!

7) LJLDESIGNSSTATIONERY - Bamboo Wedding Invitation Set

8) DellCoveSpices - Movie theater popcorn sea salt topping refill

9) delightfulprints - Huge sock monkey party www.etsy.com/listing/72237090

10) Hello Again Vintage - Vintage 1970s PRESTIGE OF BOSTON Wool Blazer

11) Handmade Summer Honeysuckle Shea Butter Soap

12) Chrysanthemum Flower Greeting Card

13) Russian Netting Pouf Veil Fascinator

That is this weeks list, please feel more then free to click around and let the featured artists know what you think!
Thanks all and have a GREAT Easter!



  1. It's great that you are helping to promote others!

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  2. Great idea, thanks for sharing all these fabulous things!